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I'm looking for beta readers!

(Yes, again!)

Hey, everyone! I am officially starting the publishing process for my third book, Interlude: Peripeteia and looking for beta readers.

If you don't know, a beta reader is someone who reads a book before it is published to help the author work out any issues or errors with the book before it gets sent off to a professional editor. Betas get to read the story for free over the course of a month and then fill out forms to help me make sure the story is the best it can possibly be!

Interlude: Peripeteia is the sequel to Intro: Laconic, the book I published last year. To be able to beta for this book, you must have read the first book in the series.

The form will close on Dec 23rd and I will email those I have chosen on Dec 24th to confirm that they are still interested.

Here is the working synopsis for the story:

Venus thought that meeting her soulmate Taein would change her for the better. She never could have imagined uprooting her life and hiding their relationship once she moved across the world.

Upon returning to Korea, the spotlight is on Taein’s band Eclipse like never before. Fame and new opportunities should make him happy, but the harsh realities of his career are more draining than anything.

When old flames and family secrets start coming out of the shadows, the soulmates are pulled further and further apart, pushing their relationship to the brink of collapse.

If you are interested, please fill out this form before Dec 23rd. Thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

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